Passing Parameters to Apps Built with App Designer

I need to figure out how to pass a parameter to a MATLAB App that is built with App Designer. In this case, I want to pass a parameter to a MATLAB Web app, but since making the video I have found out that there is currently no documented method to do this, so I can't show you that. However,...

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Stuart’s MATLAB Videos

2019-09-23 16:12:40

Women technologists share the best – and the worst – career advice they’ve received

Headlines abound about how women are underrepresented in tech, as do recommendations to address the issue. But one of the best ways to increase the number of women pursuing STEM careers is for women in technology to network with others. In that vein, a major event is just weeks away. The Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), the world’s largest gathering...

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Behind the Headlines

2019-09-20 18:45:47

Whats New in 19b: MATLAB

This post is from Heather Gorr - MATLAB product marketing - here to talk about the new release of R2019b and new MATLAB functionality related to deep learning. You can get a high level overview of everything new in this release with an overview video on the release page, or dive into the specifics in the release notes. ...

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Deep Learning

2019-09-20 16:35:44

Experiments With Kuramoto Oscillators

I have learned a lot more about Kuramoto oscillators since I wrote my blog post three weeks ago. I am working with Indika Rajapakse at the University of Michigan and Stephen Smale at the University of California, Berkeley. They are interested in the Kuramoto model because they are studying the beating of human heart cells. At this point we have some interesting results and some unanswered questions....

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Cleve’s Corner: Cleve Moler on Mathematics and Computing

2019-09-16 12:00:24

Tiled Layout

Sean's pick this week is tiledlayout by MathWorks's development team. R2019b shipped on September 12th and is now available for download! Check the Release Notes for all of the updates. Contents subplot's Replacement Minimize Whitespace Reflow Stacked Plot Comments subplot's Replacement I imagine most of you have probably used subplot at...

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File Exchange Pick of the Week

2019-09-13 09:09:14

Editing (Another) Function While Stopped at a Breakpoint

I find myself needing to update one of my functions that takes a while to run, in this case, to replace the contents of a large string array depending on certain criteria. I want to have the data available to operate on, so I will stop at a breakpoint. Features covered in this code-along style video include: Debugging, Code...

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Stuart’s MATLAB Videos

2019-09-06 13:19:57

Curling Game Update: App Designer and Stateflow

Someone recently challenged me to convert the curling simulator we published a few years ago (See this post and this post) to take advantage of new features not available at that time: App Designer and Stateflow for MATLAB. As you can guess, this is not the kind of challenge I can say no to! You can find the final result...

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Guy on Simulink

2019-09-06 10:28:00

MATLAB wins Hackathon

This post is from Paola Jaramillo, Application Engineer from the Benelux office. Back in February, I attended a hackathon hosted by Itility: meeting for 3 hours to solve an image classification problem while also enjoying pasta and networking with peers. I was there primarily to learn and see how other engineers and researchers were using machine learning in...

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Deep Learning

2019-09-03 15:01:10

Using reshape to rearrange image color components

I recently saw some code that transformed the RGB pixel values of an image into a Px3 matrix, such that each row contained the red, green, and blue color components of a single pixel. Today I want to show that code fragment, explain it, and then demonstrate what I think is the fastest possible to perform that transformation in MATLAB.I...

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Steve on Image Processing and MATLAB

2019-08-30 16:08:16

Mind-controlled robot that works without brain implants

Mind-controlled robots have long been featured in science fiction, but thanks to new research in brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), they are no longer fiction. BCIs are enabling thought-controlled external devices. BCIs are communication pathways between the brain and an external device that translate a person’s brain activity into a signal that controls the external device, such as a robot. A...

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Behind the Headlines

2019-08-29 17:30:56

Kuramoto Model of Synchronized Oscillators

Fireflies on a summer evening, pacemaker cells, neurons in the brain, a flock of starlings in flight, pendulum clocks mounted on a common wall, bizarre chemical reactions, alternating currents in a power grid, oscillations in SQUIDs (superconducting quantum interference devices). These are all examples of synchronized oscillators.The Kuramoto model is a nonlinear dynamic system of coupled oscillators that initially have random natural frequencies and phases. If the coupling is strong enough, the system will evolve to one with all oscillators in phase....

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Cleve’s Corner: Cleve Moler on Mathematics and Computing

2019-08-26 12:00:27

Estimating pi Using Buffons Method

I recently attended the ICIAM meeting in Valencia, Spain which meant I got to hang out with my pals Carlos Sanchis and Lucas Garcia :-)! Carlos showed me a problem he was working with Professor Fernando Gimnez from UPV regarding an app for estimating $\pi$ using Buffon's method. Here's the problem statement from Wikipedia:Suppose we have a floor made of parallel strips of wood, each the same width, and we drop a needle onto the floor. What is the probability that the needle will lie across a line between two strips?Interesting that the original intention had nothing to do with computing $\pi$ ! There's some fun, powerful, yet fairly easy code to demonstrate the algorithm....

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Loren on the Art of MATLAB

2019-08-22 08:37:13

A quick dip in the lake

As summer vacation comes to an end and schools get back into session, I hope that you, the reader, enjoyed the fine weather and great outdoors. Cloud - check! Lake - check! Any guesses as to where I took this picture? The midwest US, where I lived for more than a decade, is home to nearly one-fifth of...

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Developer Zone

2019-08-20 17:25:48

Saving State in a WindowButtonMotionFcn Callback

I need to display some text information when I hover over the nodes in my graph plot. I'm going to use a text object, updated via the WindowButtonMotionFcn property of the figure, but I need to be able to remember its state so I can turn it on and off. I'm going to try and use a nested function to...

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Stuart’s MATLAB Videos

2019-08-19 14:06:24

Overview Of Recent Projects Features

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger Quique Hernandez Hurtado Esquilas. Quique recently completed a project where he updated many examples using Projects to leverage new features added in the last few releases. If you have been using Simulink Projects for many years, keep reading to see if your projects are leveraging those new additions. Note: In case...

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Guy on Simulink

2019-08-15 15:48:52

Team Automatons Builds a Quadruped Robot for the ABU Robocon 2019 Task

For today’s post, I would like to introduce you to Team Automatons?from Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune. They recently scored 2nd?in the MathWorks Modelling Award at the National DD-Robocon 2019, New Delhi. The team will share their experience of using MATLAB and Simulink for their quadruped design. Thanks very much and the stage is yours! -- Hey! We are...

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Racing Lounge

2019-08-14 18:37:56


Will's pick this week is Maze by Rodney Meyer. This simple submission is surprisingly effective at providing hours of diversion. From the command line, you call the maze function with arguments specifying dimensions and the maze pattern. The pattern (which can be horizontal, vertical, , checkerboard, spiral, burst, or random) influences the layout of a two-dimensional maze. A red diamond...

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File Exchange Pick of the Week

2019-08-09 09:00:59

Loading Signals in Timetable Format

Today I decided to revisit a topic I covered a few years ago: loading discrete signals in a simulation. Let's see what has been added in the last few years to help with the potential problems you might run into when loading discrete signals in a simulation. The Problem Let's start with a simple Excel sheet with two columns, the...

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Guy on Simulink

2019-08-06 14:34:42

The QR Algorithm Computes Eigenvalues and Singular Values

The QR algorithm is one of the world's most successful algorithms. We can use animated gifs to illustrate three variants of the algorithm, one for computing the eigenvalues of a nonsymmetric matrix, one for a symmetric matrix, and one for the singular values of a rectangular matrix. In all three cases, the QR iteration itself is preceded by a...

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Cleve’s Corner: Cleve Moler on Mathematics and Computing

2019-08-05 14:35:31

The Deep Learning Dozen

6 Twitter accounts and 6 blogs to keep you current I find it hard sometimes to keep up with the latest deep learning trends, so I made a list of blogs and people to follow. Hopefully you find this helpful too! People to Follow on Twitter: @AndrewYNg:? Co-founder of Coursera and former...

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Deep Learning

2019-08-05 12:24:33

Counting the Frequency of Parameters in a Set of URLs

Here I need to know how often different parameters occur in a large list of URLs. I'm not usre if I should use the class or just use string functions. Features covered in this code-along style video include: extractAfter, regexprep, split Follow me (@stuartmcgarrity) if you want to be notified via Twitter when I post. Play...

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Stuart’s MATLAB Videos

2019-07-31 15:16:52

Keeping Up with Robotics Trends Through RoboCup

In March 2017, I joined the MathWorks Student Competitions team to focus on supporting university-level robotics competitions. The competition I spend most time with is RoboCup, which is great because RoboCup contains a variety of leagues and skill levels that keeps me sharp with almost everything going on in the field. Today I will talk about my experience in this...

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Racing Lounge

2019-07-31 12:00:58

AI predicts which ovarian cancer treatment is best for each patient

This week's blog post was written by Liz Ashforth. The topic is a perfect fit since Liz has decades of experience with MATLAB and a background in biomedical engineering. The research discussed in today's post, machine learning to analyze the potential outcomes of various cancer treatments, is yet another example of how artificial intelligence is impacting the medical field. Ovarian...

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Behind the Headlines

2019-07-30 18:16:57


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