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M-PSK and M-QAM over Rician flat fading channel

The simulation of the digital signal transmission over Rician flat fading channel.

标签: communications

2019-09-24 06:42:34 - Vladimir Fadeev

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Tetrahedron circumscribed sphere

Compute the centre and the radius of the sphere circumscribed to a given tetrahedron

标签: 3dgeomgeometrygeometry computingmathematicsmathsspheretetrahedron

2019-09-24 06:24:54 - Nicolas Douillet

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Simulation of tire and suspension modelled as spring/damper systems. Outputs are: mu/ms displacements, velocities, and accelerations


2019-09-24 06:21:15 - Kattly Li

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m base logspace

标签: logspace

2019-09-24 06:09:42 - Nicolas Douillet

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Advance Image Processing

Image Processing Modules in MATLAB for beginners to understand basics of MATLAB Image Processing

标签: gui toolsguideimageimage analysisimage processingimage registrationimage segmentation

2019-09-24 05:32:05 - Abdultaiyeb Chechatwala

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VVVF Open loop control three phase IM

Variable voltage variable frequency open loop control of three phase Induction motor


2019-09-24 01:20:21 - Rajesh Farswan

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VVVF Open loop control Single phase IM

Variable voltage variable frequency open loop control of single phase Induction motor


2019-09-24 01:09:34 - Rajesh Farswan

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Sensor Independent Illumination Estimation for DNN Models

Sensor Independent Illumination Estimation for DNN Models

标签: deep learningilluminant estimationwhite balance

2019-09-23 23:51:48 - Mahmoud Afifi

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Measure of enhancement by Entropy

Measure the enhancement of an image based on its entropy

标签: image processingmeasurement

2019-09-23 22:05:44 - Santiago Marin

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Digital modulation using Simulink

Implement the Digital modulation


2019-09-23 21:25:00 - Ayad Dalloo

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Agilent 34410A DMM control with Prologix GPIB-USB

Control Agilent 34410A DMM remotely via GPIB

标签: 34410aagilentdmmgpibieee488intrument controlprologix

2019-09-23 21:21:41 - NE

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N-level geoid

A functions set to build a geoid from sampling and projection of the icosahedron triangles on the unit sphere.

标签: 3dconvexconvexitygeoidgeomgeometric computinggeometryicosahedronmathematicsmathsmeshpoint setsamplingspheretriangletriangulationtrimeshvertices

2019-09-23 20:16:03 - Nicolas Douillet

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Single-level and multi-level mediation analyses for any kind of data, with bootstrap-based significance testing.

标签: computationfmriimage analysismediationneuroimagingneuroscience

2019-09-23 20:11:59 - Tor Wager

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Torus homeomorphic surface quasi isotropic sampling

Function to isotropically sample a given torus homeomorphic surface

标签: linspacemeshmeshgridrandomtrimesh

2019-09-23 18:53:36 - Nicolas Douillet

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The SGP4 model to calculate orbital state vectors of near-Earth satellites

标签: aerospaceastrodynamics

2019-09-23 17:11:35 - Meysam Mahooti

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Function to check if a vertex is located inside or outside a given -open- convex point set

标签: 3dconvexconvexitygeomgeometric computinggeometrymathematicsndpoint set

2019-09-23 16:56:03 - Nicolas Douillet

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Import PWT, MPD, and JST Databases

Downloads the Penn World Table, the Maddison Project Data, and the Jordà-Schularick-Taylor Data from the web.

标签: databasedevelopmenteconomicsmacroeconomicsmacrofinance

2019-09-23 16:44:22 - Yvan Lengwiler

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Quantum random number generator

This code returns the chosen "n" amount of random numbers, which are obtained in real time from the ANU Quantum Random Numbers Server

标签: numbernumber generatorquantumquantum random number generatorrandomrandom generatorrandom numberrandom number generator

2019-09-23 16:35:28 - gorka zubia

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Discrete Coons patch

Compute control points coordinates of the Coons patch of a given (c1, c2, c3, c4) quadrangle

标签: 3dcoonsgeomgeometric computinggeometrymathematicsnurbs

2019-09-23 16:35:03 - Nicolas Douillet

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Parse varargin for flags

标签: argumentsflags

2019-09-23 13:29:36 - Yarmo Mackenbach

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Include the [0 0] coordinates in a plot

标签: plotplottingutilities

2019-09-23 13:04:48 - Yarmo Mackenbach

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The resolution of the differential Sylvester matrix equation

The resolution of the differential Sylvester matrix equations usin gbackward differentiation formula method


2019-09-23 12:48:03 - Sadek Lakhlifa

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Toolbox Extender

Extends built-in MATLAB capabilities of toolbox creating

标签: customextendergithubmlappinstallmltbxtoolbox

2019-09-23 12:15:05 - Pavel Roslovets

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Matlab control of QHY cameras via their SDK

标签: astronomyqhy camerasdk

2019-09-23 08:11:44 - Enrico Segre


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